Motorcycle Accidents

Day & Nance are Nevada personal injury lawyers who represent injured motorcycle riders.  While motorcycles provide a sense of freedom and independence to their riders, they also present a higher risk of injury during an accident.  Motorcyclists can suffer severe and catastrophic injuries, even in accidents where they are not at fault. For many motorcycle riders, the pleasures of riding outweigh the risks of facing cars and eighteen wheelers on the open road. We recognize this, but we also know that the injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents can be devastating and can have long-term medical and legal results.

For instance, you may require continuous treatment for injuries like whiplash, burns to the upper body, paralysis, nerve damage, broken bones, dislocated joints, or in the worst cases, loss of use of one or more limbs. In the difficult time following the accident, we realize you will want to focus first on making sure your medical bills are paid, recovering lost wages and securing payment from the insurance company of the responsible party.  We offer experienced representation in these issues, and will work with you and the other parties involved to resolve your legal issues as expediently and thoroughly as possible.

Our firm accepts motorcyclist injury cases in the Las Vegas and Southern Nevada area.  We can investigate your claims and identify the potential parties at fault.  We may be able to help even if the party responsible for the accident was drunk, had fled the accident scene (hit and run), or was under- or uninsured.  If you believe that a motorcycle part failed and caused the accident, we can seek to hold the manufacturer, distributor or the retailer of the motorcycle responsible.

Were you or your loved one injured in a motorcycle accident in the Las Vegas or Southern Nevada? Contact us online or call us at 800-906-9138 or 702-309-3333 to arrange a FREE consultation to talk about your legal options.

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