Casino Accidents

The personal injury attorneys at Day & Nance represent people who have been injured in Las Vegas Casino accidents. With over 35,000,000 people visiting Las Vegas each year, there are bound to be a number of people injured as a result of the negligence of Las Vegas hotel and casino owners. Casino injuries typically take a number of forms including injuries resulting from slip and falls or trip and falls, food poisoning, patron interaction with casino or hotel security officers and mechanical failures. If you or a loved one have been injured in a casino accident, contact the Las Vegas casino accident lawyers at Day & Nance at 800-906-9138 or 702-309-3333 or email us at to arrange a FREE CONSULTATION to discuss your rights and legal options. The Las Vegas casino accident attorneys at Day & Nance do not charge a fee unless you recover. You do not owe us anything unless you recover.

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