Caretaker Abuse

The personal injury attorneys at Day & Nance represent clients who have had a loved who has been the subject of caretaker abuse or caretaker neglect. We are often too busy or it is simply not practical to provide for all of the care another family member may need so we often rely on others to assist us with caring for loved ones. On occasion the person or entity relied upon to provide this care is neglectful resulting in caretaker abuse.

Nevada law has specific definitions of abuse and neglect. Abuse typically refers to any willful act or omission of a caregiver or any other person which results in physical injury, mental anguish, unreasonable confinement, sexual abuse or exploitation or financial exploitation to or of a vulnerable adult. Signs of abuse can show up in many forms including bruising, unusual body markings such as slap marks, kick marks, etc., burns, fractures, indications of lack of care and malnutrition and the administration of inappropriate drugs. Neglect can take the form of the lack of basic and personal care, abandonment, failure to provide necessary medication and healthcare and failing to provide necessary nourishment.

Sexual abuse is the submitting of unwanted or unconsented sexual contact. Signs of sexual abuse are as follows.

  • Inappropriate touching
  • Fondling
  • Inappropriate kissing
  • Oral contact
  • Genital contact
  • Digital penetration
  • Rape
  • Penetration with objects
  • Exploration
  • Initiating unwelcomed talk about sex
  • Proposing unwelcomed sexual contact

If you suspect that a loved has been the subject of caretaker neglect, give the Las Vegas caretaker neglect lawyers at Day & Nance a call at 800-906-9138 or 702-309-3333 or email us at to arrange a FREE CONSULTATION to discuss your rights and legal options. The Las Vegas caretaker abuse attorneys at Day & Nance do not charge a fee unless you recover. You do not owe us anything unless you recover.

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